About me


In the middle of my forties i'm some kind of late bloomer. Photography itself came to me in a very strong episode of a clinical depression 2015. The truth is i only began shooting to have something to do on my strolls throughout the city of berlin.

Soon this kind of distraction became my second great passion in life—through the viewfinder i saw the whole world in a new and exciting way. I'm shooting whatever catches my attention therefore i love street photography: in their »natural« context people act differently than in the studio.

Street photography doesn’t tell the story behind the picture. It tells the story in the mind of the beholder.

Next step was shooting real film. Real real film! And so i went into the rabbit's hole. I wanted to develop the films i shoot by myself–so i do now. 

My main problem is now that i want to shoot every camera and every film existing.


But that seems to be the problem of the most photographers.